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Utmost Respect & Dignity

Young man receiving hearing test

At Yorkton Hearing Services, we’ve been providing diagnostic hearing testing by a registered Audiologist since 2008. We have the latest digital technology at our disposal, including Bluetooth devices for more freedom and flexibility. We will schedule you for an audiological evaluation with a minimal wait list. In addition to testing, we offer assistive listening devices to make your daily routine easier. These include specific devices for your phone, TV, or personal use. We also offer earplugs for hunting, swimming and for working in loud environments.

Yorkton Hearing Services staff treats each patient with the utmost respect and dignity, building on-going relationships based on trust. If your hearing aid needs repair, we do that as well. Stop in to Yorkton Hearing Services to see what we have available or call us to make an appointment.

"When I received my new hearing aids over a year ago it took time to adjust, just like a new car or pair of shoes, Marina Walls made every effort to help me adjust to the new devices and made the necessary adjustments to my comfort zone. Her attention to detail to my questions and concerns was something I have never received before when I have had new hearing aids in my earlier years. The quality of their services and products have advanced my career in coaching at the junior level. The technology has improved so much in recent years that it has helped me improve my dealings with people over the phone and has allowed me to hear more clearly. I have gained confidence in dealing with people in general and hearing things more clearly. My new hearing aids have the tools to cut out background noises to allow me to be more involved in the conversations in loud areas such as restaurants, hockey games, and other busy areas."
- Casey O'brien

#18 First Avenue N. | Yorkton, SK S3N 1J4